Who uses our Coworking?

Modern professionals search for simple and rational solutions, but, at the same time are demanding with the solutions we have at your disposal to increase your productivity. At the Avila Coworking, “Professionalism” and “informality” are compatible and our space offers you the better of these two worlds! Companies or professionals of all areas of activity may turn to the Coworking. Talk to us, we will advise you the best solution. Quem utiliza o nosso CoworkingSmall Companies Start-up companies, or with a reduced structure, choose the coworking solution, for the flexibility of this model and the low cost. With the Coworking you avoid fixed and variable costs, namely with personnel, rents, taxes and maintenance. Besides these factors, at the Coworking is prized the interaction between companies and professionals, namely through workshops made there and exclusive to members.
Quem utiliza o nosso CoworkingFreelancers The Coworking is considered and intelligent solution for consultants, designers, web designers, IT’s, architects, journalists, lawyers and other professional who do not need a conventional office to work. These professionals work alone, but at the Coworking they feel more supported, being able to use a secretariat offered by the virtual office service, with multilingual professional telephonic answering, correspondence reception and other facilities.
Quem utiliza o nosso CoworkingTeleworkers The Coworking is the ideal solution for professional working from home or at the clients’ premises. Assumes itself as an alternative work place, which stimulates creativity and productivity, allowing individuals to re-establish routines, to separate their personal and professional life and avoid social isolation, very frequent in professionals not working on a traditional office. Millions of professionals all over the world choose the Coworking, not only for the networking and business partnerships opportunities, but also for the possibility to use meeting rooms and a professional secretariat support in the “Virtual Office” domain. Through this service, you can be focused on your core business and, at the same time, use a Coworking space, or other place, such as home, a library or a coffee terrace…
Quem utiliza o nosso CoworkingBig Companies The paradigm is changing and there are several companies choosing the Coworking models, inspired by examples such as Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe, being themselves promoters, inside their own organizations, of these new work philosophies which benefit the professional mobility. The Coworking spaces are increasingly more used by big companies which use technologies with remote access to the office and collaborative platforms, considering collaborators work in different locations, using the Coworking punctually for meetings with clients and work sessions between collaborators, using also the secretariat service offered by the Virtual Office.