myOffice app

Your office wherever you are… “Corporate” and “Free Pass” Coworkers have free access to the myOffice app, a virtual office application for PC, iPhone and Android, oriented to a productivity increase, making it possible for the client to be always in contact with the office. Through the myOffice app, you may have access to the following information online and in real time, reported by the Avila Coworking secretariat: Phone calls (who called, time of the call, subject, urgency); Correspondence (sender’s name, correspondence date); Faxes (sender’s name, fax date, subject); other Secretariat Messages (notes, internal communications, contacts request, etc). The myOffice application is pioneer and is still the only virtual office application worldwide for mobile devices (iPhone and Android), working as well in the PC, with an automatic integration to the email and SMS, allowing Avila Coworking to be always in contact with the client wherever he is.