APR Interphysix cooperates with our clients on state of the art technology solutions supply for metrology in several application areas, where we highlight biomedicine and ionizing radiation. The Avila Coworking Freepass is the ideal solution which minimizes costs, offering total schedule flexibility and an excellent operation support infrastructure.
APR eFuturo intends to edify the training and recruitment contributing to the qualification and an increase in value of human actives. We focus on schedule’s flexibility, allowing our trainees to conciliate their active life with the training, updates, essential to career progression and professional insertion. To give answers to our needs, the Free Pass 24h gives us full access to meeting and training rooms.
APR Based in Lisbon, Stand Out is the first Styling and Image Consultancy agency particularly focused to act on the corporate and executive segment, with services on the professional and personal image, on an individual basis, and development of training programs and dress code for companies, according to their needs. With the Free Pass has total flexibility with a 24 hours access.
APR APR APR aims to promote innovation and competitively of its client’s companies. Implements a broaden gathering of entrepreneurial solutions namely management software (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and collaboration portals (SharePoint). It also has IT services, systems integration and consultancy. APR has Microsoft, Oracle e HP certifications. At Avila Coworking we have the Free Pass, which allows us a 24 hours access.
Monte da Lua Guest House Monte da Lua Guest House We are a nature tourism located in Estoi (Algarve), which have the reservations central and commercial department located at the Avila Coworking. A major part of our work is done at the Coworking, but collaborators also work from home, and so we also use the Virtual Office service, included in the “Free Pass” version.
Monte da Lua Guest House SMC Global Network We are a Born Global firm aiming to provide support in eliminating the cultural and language barriers; to be the connection between investors, lawyers, local companies and authorities through the strategic hub that is Macau. Our mission statement is bridging the East and West. By having a 24 hours access to the Avila Coworking we manage to have total flexibility, using adequate facilities to receive our clients whenever needed
Monte da Lua Guest House myOffice International Network The myOffice International Network is a Business Centers’ Community which has in common the use of the myOffice app and the guarantee of the quality services offered, at the office rental, coworking spaces and meeting rooms’ level. The Avila Coworking is the ideal solution to develop our activity, since we can work from anywhere and do not need a conventional office.
Pequena Empresa Small Company We are one of the next clients of the Avila Coworking! We have opened our company few weeks ago and we need a work space in the center of Lisbon. As we value the image close to our clients and we are on a business prospecting phase, it is an added value being based on a prestige address such as Av. República and use the meeting rooms and the reception support of the Avila Business Centers, right next to the Coworking!
Freelancer Freelancer Hi! I’m looking forward to go work to the Avila Coworking. Being a designer I feel the need to change my work space, which has been my house, Starbucks and my clients! At the Avila Coworking I find the ideal environment to let my creativity flow and it is a place where I can organize myself in a more quiet way!
Teletrabalhador Teleworkers The Coworking is the ideal solution for professional working from home or at the clients’ premises. Assumes itself as an alternative work place, which stimulates creativity and productivity, allowing individuals to re-establish routines, to separate their personal and professional life and avoid social isolation, very frequent in professionals not working on a traditional office. Millions of professionals all over the world choose the Coworking, not only for the networking and business partnerships opportunities, but also for the possibility to use meeting rooms and a professional secretariat support in the “Virtual Office” domain. Through this service, you can be focused on your core business and, at the same time, use a Coworking space, or other place, such as home, a library or a coffee terrace…
Grandes Empresas Big companies The paradigm is changing and there are several companies choosing the Coworking models, inspired by examples such as Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe, being themselves promoters, inside their own organizations, of these new work philosophies which benefit the professional mobility. The Coworking spaces are increasingly more used by big companies which use technologies with remote access to the office and collaborative platforms, considering collaborators work in different locations, using the Coworking punctually for meetings with clients and work sessions between collaborators, using also the secretariat service offered by the Virtual Office.