How to get to us?


Avila Coworking - automóvelComing from Campo Grande, you head to Av. da República. Drive through the interior lane until you arrive to Praça Duque de Saldanha. Go around the Praça and get in again in Av. República, through the interior lane (direction: Campo Grande).

The Avila Coworking is on the first block, before the bank Millennium bcp and it has public parking within the building. You may also choose the parking lots of Saldanha, Arco do Cego and Conde Valbom. Distance from Campo Grande: 10 min.


Avila Coworking - metroYellow Line (Entrecampos-Rato): Get off in “Saldanha” station
Red Line (Olivais – S. Sebastião): Get off in “Saldanha” station
Blue Line (Sta Apolónia-Amadora): Change line in “S. Sebastião” station and take the Yellow Line. Get off in “Saldanha” station
Green Line (Telheiras-Cais do Sodré)- Change line in “Alameda” station and take the Metro towards “S. Sebastião”. Get off in “Saldanha” station.

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Avila Coworking - comboioIf you get off in Oriente station (Parque das Nações), head off to the Metro and take the Red line towards “S. Sebastião”. The destination station is “Saldanha”.

Distance: 15 min. If you get off in Santa Apolónia station head off to the Metro and take the Blue line until “S. Sebastião” station. There, change to the Red line and get off in the “Saldanha” station. Distance: 20 min.

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Avila Coworking - bicicletaRight next to us there is a bike lane that goes from Av. Duque de Ávila until the El Corte Inglés (Gulbenkian Foundation). Arriving to Av. da República, you may park in one of the bike parking available or use our underground parking within the building.

We are located close to the corner between Av. República and Av. Duque de Ávila, right next to the Bank Millennium bcp. Talk to us, we will gladly offer you a space in our garage for your bike.

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Avila Coworking - autocarroTowards Campo Grande-Saldanha you may take the following buses: 21, 36, 83, 738 and 745 Towards Marquês de Pombal-Campo Grande you make take the buses: 36, 83, 207, 738 and 745 getting off in “Saldanha” station: 36, 83, 207, 738 e 745

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Avila Coworking - aviãoThe Portela airport is located at Lisbon entrance, about 15 min. from Avila Coworking.

The taxi service has an average cost of 10 Euros.