About us

Avila Coworking is an Avila Business Centers registered mark and an innovative Coworking concept, oriented towards the 21st century professional, which values the corporative image and searches for flexible solutions with a balanced cost-benefit relation.

Business center Located at Av. da República, close to Saldanha, it is a wide and quiet space, where several companies and professionals work, occupying one or more work stations, using the support of a professional secretariat, meeting and work rooms.

The Avila Coworking occupies a modern offices building with reception, where you breathe a corporate and at the same time informal environment. Small companies, executives and freelancers occupy the same space, share contacts, establish synergies, but value also each others privacy. The desks and chairs are modern, comfortable, and ergonomic, and all the surrounding space stimulates creativity and well-being. You have at your disposal a cokitchen for meals, loker and a lounge area for relaxed moments and coffee breaks…

The Avila Coworking was specially designed for the modern professional, who needs a prestige address, with good accessibilities, comfortable work spaces and suitable to receive your clients and business partners. As an option, the Avila Coworking offers you also the most complete virtual office service in the market: you have at your disposal a secretary who answers the phone calls in the name of your company, transfers calls, receives correspondence and reports all subjects through the myOffice app and email. Wherever you are, you are in touch your office!

In the same floor of the Avila Coworking, works the Avila Business Centers, which may be used by you whenever you need! It is the ideal place for meetings, training actions or workshops with a more formal character. Two environments which complement themselves, keeping the same professionalism.

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